Vetala Beta


Vetala Beta


Vetala Auto Rig for Maya 2014 and above on Windows.  
Linux is not well tested. If you need Linux working better please contact me.

This is beta software.   It still has many known bugs that are being worked on.  The software has been in development since 2014. Some features are already very stable and being used in production. Other features require attention. 

End User License Agreement Highlights.

  • Purchasing and sharing your email with me entitles you to use Vetala on up to 2 computers.

  • If you purchase Vetala more than once on behalf of someone else, that is okay. Please make them known to me by emailing me.

  • You cannot transfer Vetala to someone else.

  • You cannot use Vetala on a render farm. Please purchase a studio agreement.

When you purchase the product you register your email. The updates to the beta will come for free.  Updates will be posted on a private forum at  You need to use the same email to register an account at the forum.  Access will then be granted to get the updates.

There are now some templates on the forums.  Also the forums have links to videos to get started with Vetala.  Also please check the documentation.

Please no piracy. Help this project to grow.

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  • Dynamically rebuild custom rigs.
  • Create character templates that allow rigs to be propagated easily.
  • Organize your character's data and build scripts.
  • Corrective tool and Shot Sculpting tool. (Skin and BlendShape deformations only)
  • Blendshape combo system.