This release

  • Code tab had an issue saving that is now fixed.
  • Fixed many issues with shape combo, including some combos not working together or updating. 
  • Inbetweens and combo inbetweens are working better.
  • Added preserve combo to shape combo system.
  • Fixed copy process disregarding the manifest. However if you copy special it still disregards the manifest. This will be fixed in the next release.
  • Added new feature Process Options. Access by right clicking on a process and selecting show options.
  • Lots of fixes to code tabs. They are more reliable now.
  • control cvs will export now even if there is a non unique name.
  • Improved the speed of process loading on the network. Still slow but better.
  • Fk Curve Rig will no longer move the joints on build if set_buffer(True). This should be used sparingly. If you are doing many feathers use FkRig if you can.
  • AutoWeight2D will now push the first joint out if it overlaps. This fixes a bug where the weighting would go all to the first joint.
  • Fixed an issue with copying animation data, where the folder would copy but not the data.
  • If a process is deleted the code tab now updates.


Vetala Beta 0.1.07 Is out.


  • The shape combo ui is now up in "alpha" stage. It is usable, but expect some bugs and missing features.
  • Fixed a bug where maya would crash when running the Process button.
  • Fixed a bug where the process name wouldn't update when switching projects
  • Fixed a bug where the file wouldn't get marked as saved after saving.
  • Fixed a bug where the directory wasn't being updated in the save build widget when renaming a process.
  • Improved skin cluster import to deal with joints of the same name. If two joints named the same it will take the first joint. It will also give a warning.
  • Mesh smooth now gets turned off when opening files.
  • Fixed an issue when removing a corrective, the corrective list sometimes didn't update properly.

Vetala Beta 0.1.5 is out.

New Features

  • Code Hierarchies. You can now parent one script under another in the manifest. 
  • Some Code Tab and manifest functionality improvements.
  • Vetala now gives scripts permissions over files that exist in dropbox or google drive.

Starting on this version the vtool folder has a version.txt file, so you can check which version you have installed.

You can purchase the beta at the store.
If you already paid for Vetala you can get the update on the forum

Vetala Rig Beta 0.1.4 is out

Download it on the forum if you've purchased Vetala.

Improvements include

  • Facial rig improvements. Hopefully I'll get a template out in the next couple months.
  • Some fixes to the corrective tool.  Its getting more stable with every release. Still some bugs to work out though.
  • Fixed an issue with Maya 2014 where it would crash when switching processes. 

Vetala Documentation

Vetala Documenation has been to reflect changes happening with the modules. has been split into many sub modules.

module names under vtool.maya_lib include:

  •    where core scripts to be used across all other scripts will be saved.
  •    building off core but dealing with attrs and connections.
  •    dealing with transformations and constraints.
  •    dealing with geometry
  •    dealing with deformations
  •    dealing with rigs
  •    convenience functions for rigs
  •    dealing with maya shaders
  •    dealing with maya ncloth, nhair and dynamics.