Vetala Rig Beta 0.1.4 is out

Download it on the forum if you've purchased Vetala.

Improvements include

  • Facial rig improvements. Hopefully I'll get a template out in the next couple months.
  • Some fixes to the corrective tool.  Its getting more stable with every release. Still some bugs to work out though.
  • Fixed an issue with Maya 2014 where it would crash when switching processes. 

Vetala Documentation

Vetala Documenation has been to reflect changes happening with the modules. has been split into many sub modules.

module names under vtool.maya_lib include:

  •    where core scripts to be used across all other scripts will be saved.
  •    building off core but dealing with attrs and connections.
  •    dealing with transformations and constraints.
  •    dealing with geometry
  •    dealing with deformations
  •    dealing with rigs
  •    convenience functions for rigs
  •    dealing with maya shaders
  •    dealing with maya ncloth, nhair and dynamics.