Vetala Beta 0.3.5


  • Auto Complete more consistent

  • Auto Complete Ctrl+S exits completion before, to avoid invoking maya file save

  • Pose arrows no longer have control tags

  • FkCurveRig not building when set_attach_joints(False)

  • Option Title and Option group can't have the same name fix

  • Option Scripts copy properly using Copy Match when script has new line in text

  • Fix for foot joint naming not matching older versions of Vetala

  • Fixed issue where creating code with a code selected caused a data.json file issue

  • Fix for versions with comments that contain ";" or "=" , would cause the versions to error when loading.

  • If you hit the open button with no version selected Vetala would error.

  • maya_lib.deform create_wrap uses transform name of mesh instead of shape name for naming.


  • Process Maintenance tab

  • Process Backup

  • Process Version pruning


  • Data file save now has tool tabs. For example control cv data has a tab with the control curve editing buttons.

  • Vetala now docks using Maya mixin class

  • Spin widgets in options no longer change with mouse wheel

  • Faster file loading in process view and code completion, slightly faster in code loading.

  • Collapsing groups now have a + and - indicator

  • Build widget at the bottom of Vetala now stays open even in the Data Tab. Less confusing

  • Accept for the compact history widget on code manifest and process options no longer asks to accept when navigating history


  • deform.unlock_joint_weights

  • attr.has_default_xform_channels

  • attr.store_world_matrix_to_attribute

  • attr.hide_rotate_order

  • core.delete_empty_nodes

  • geo.get_connected_verts

  • geo.get_vertex_shells

  • geo.get_vertex_names_from_indices

  • space.get_chain_length

  • space.orig_matrix_match