Vetala Beta 0.3.2


  • Slightly faster blendshape.Blendshape class

  • Progress bar when exporting skin weights

  • deform.SplitMeshTarget if you are splitting multiply shapes with similar weighting, pass all the shapes at once to SplitMeshTarget. Also added sine fade in out for smoother splits

  • some speed improvement for deform.SplitMeshTarget

  • geo.get_vertex_indices - slightly faster

  • rigs now print out the joints being used when processing

  • deform.TransferWeights.transfer_joint_to_joint now works properly/the same as older versions and is much faster on large vertex counts

  • some speed improvement for skin import

  • new code and duplicate code now automatically opens a tab, avoiding confusion with existing code

  • script options are now one line until clicked, making them easier to work with.


  • right-click on code to run code group

  • Buttons added for smooth weights and average weights

  • options ui - dictionary widget

  • api.get_surrounding_vertex_indices
    Using python api 2

  • api.get_skin_influence_names

  • api.get_skin_influence_indices

  • api.get_skin_influence_dict

  • api.get_plug


  • geo.get_thing_from_component

  • geo.is_a_vertex added

  • process.get_code_children

  • process.run_script_group

  • deform.smooth_skin_weights

  • deform.sharpen_skin_weights

  • deform.average_skin_weights


  • attr.hide_attributes now hides individual axis when giving a double3 like translate, rotate, scale to hide. This solves a bug where channels wouldn't unhide using scripts.

  • get_node_editors now returns before erroring in batch mode.

  • fix to code sync, where children code wouldn't always appear

  • fix to code sync after copy match

  • fix to script option where process wouldn't load

  • fix sub controls maybe not getting a number in the name

  • fix to booleon options losing their data

  • process = None can now be removed and the code will continue working

  • script options created under an option group will now collapse when hitting the edit button. Before they would just stay open until refreshing the ui.

  • reparenting a process would cause the script option to lose the process