Vetala Beta 0.2.03


  • Fixed auto build. Won't build sub folders of folders that are not on.
  • Some sub folder issues. They are now just called folders. -top folder- replaces default.
  • notes are now parsed properly with an html parser to find out if they are empty.
  • core.has_shape_of_type now returns False if no shapes
  • process.get_name() will now always return something when directory set
  • now returns a dictionary with the run states
  • shape combo ui tagging now properly labels things red
  • Fixed weird sliver of nothing in options ui.

  • options menu now remembers open close state of all groups
  • scripts in the options menu.
  • ctrl+enter in option script text runs it.
  • attr.is_translate_rotate_connected
  • environment variable 'VETALA_COPIED_PROCESS' added
  • buttons to help manage process tabs.
  • process.run_option_script
  • process.run_code_snippet
  • duplicate code
  • duplicate process
  • util_file.get_json

  • skin cluster data now exports a reference mesh. When importing skin weights the ref mesh helps reassign weights to new topology.
  • process selection
  • Settings and options now write to json.
  • Template pasting
  • util_file.create_file now excepts a full path as name to create
  • code manifest delete multiple scripts at once.
  • Mirror Transforms now skips transforms with shape of type mesh
  • When Joint Orient runs, up and aim locators update to joint size.
  • Process paste no longer gets cleared after pasting. Allowing same process to paste multiple times easily.