Vetala Beta 0.3


  • TransferWeight extact falloff now supports transfer using an optimized mesh. Good for when the mesh gets really dense.

  • Rig.set_buffer now has the option to create a shape switch under the main controls of a setup.

  • orient joints slightly faster and now with a progress bar

  • Copy Match now supports copying to multiple process

  • Options and settings now have their own tabs in Copy Match

  • Copy Match slightly faster

  • better permissions handling on for Linux

  • Mirror Transforms now works with _l and _r

  • Code changes to olive color when completes with warnings

  • Options backup

  • Manifest backup - with the gotcha that it won't save script order - hopefully will in the future

  • Sub Folder more usable

  • Copy -default- to sub folder and copy sub folder to -default- right click menu commands

  • All data types should now work with sub folder

  • Importing a maya file now preserves reference

  • weights_skinCluster now supports referenced geo and duplicate names

  • weights_deformer now exports any simple weighted deformer like lattice, cluster, delta mush, etc.

  • CTRL+d in code editor now duplicates line

  • pressing enter after : now tabs properly in code editor

  • New setting to remove popup when CTRL+s saving

  • pymel now available in code editor using pm

  • filter by sub path now is remembered between sessions and makes loading faster

  • Added an edit button to Process View and Code Manifest to avoid reordering things accidently

  • shift-left click on parent process expand arrow will expand all children processes

  • Node view no longer updates when process running, avoides graphing 1000s of nodes.

  • process runtime dict is now more persistent

  • new setting to set default text size in code editor

  • Process setting allows for custom control naming when using the rigs.Rig classes

  • Switching between projects now remembers the last process

  • Scripts now auto save before processing to avoid confusion

  • Ability to rotate controls easily in the Utilities -> Controls tab

  • Ability to do without starting a new scene. Good for running processes inside other processes for process inception

  • new file able to customize vetala better for different studios. At Method vetala is called nutella for example.

  • Ability to point vetala to custom curve data

New functions

  • attr

  • attr.get_max_value

  • attr.set_nonkeyable

  • attr.hide_visibility

  • attr.lock_constraint

  • attr.lock_attributes_for_asset

  • attr.lock_hierarchy

  • attr.add_shape_for_attributes

  • curve.set_shapes_as_text_curves

  • geo.rotate_shape

  • geo.curve_to_nurb_surface

  • geo.attach_motion_path

  • geo.face_to_vertex


  • deform.find_all_deformers

  • core.ManageNodeEditors

  • core.get_node_name

  • core.create_node

  • core.rename_node

  • core.load_plugin

  • core.get_progress_bar

  • core.get_node_editors

  • process.Process.get_data_file_or_folder

  • process.Process.get_data_current_sub_folder

  • process.Process.get_data_current_sub_folder_and_type

  • process.Process.has_sub_folder

  • process.Process.create_sub_folder

  • process.Process.copy_sub_folder_to_data

  • process.Process.copy_data_to_sub_folder

  • process.Process.get_code_module

  • process.Process.get_settings_inst

  • process.Process.set_option

  • process.copy

  • process.get_vetala_settings_inst

  • process.initialize_project_settings

  • process.get_project_setting

  • process.set_project_setting

  • rigs.Rig.set_number_in_control_name

  • rigs.Rig.set_attach_type

  • rigs.Rig.set_add_switch_shape

  • rigs.IkAppendageRig.set_create_pole_control added

  • rigs_util.StretchyChain.set_attribute_name

  • rigs_util.StretchyChain.set_default_value

  • rigs_util.StretchyChain.set_create_title

  • rigs_util.StretchyElbowLock

  • rigs_util.is_control

  • rigs_util.edge_loop_to_control_shape

  • space.MatrixConstraintNodes

  • space.MatrixConstraint

  • space.SpaceSwitch

  • util.get_custom

  • util.print_python_dir_nicely


  • Progress bar fixes

  • start new scene now flushes Idle Queue

  • attribute export/import now supports double array attributes. This is good for some attributes that do per vertex data. Many of these in the ncloth nodes.

  • process open, import, reference and save data now have sub_folder option

  • process ability to run a process inside another

  • process view ui can now be set to auto load a sub process and the setting is kept

  • Ctrl+d in the code editor duplicates line(s)

  • new line after a : now tabs in code editor

  • sub folder ui improvements

  • Cancelling a merge no longer has a recursion error.

  • setting external editor now works in linux

  • batch now runs in linux

  • fixed processes not starting properly after a cancel

  • Each code in the manifest now clears selction. Avoiding skin cluster and other data being loaded on the wrong thing

  • Fixes to numbering when duplicating and reparenting processes