• anim.bake_to_animation added.
  • api.IteratePolygonFace added get_center, get_normal
  • geo.randomize_mesh_vertices added
  • space.randomize added to randomize transforms
  • process.get_sub_process_count added
  • process.get_sub_process_by_index added
  • core.get_current_camera added
  • added some vector math to util
  • some api functionality added.
  • added an active attr to orient attrs.
  • attr.remove_orient_attributes
  • added process.get_non_process_parts()
  • added ability to open scale channels on GroundRig
  • added vetala icon to hub
  • process.find_processes can return non process folders along with processes
  • added ability to convert folder to process
  • added new feather rig but needs a demo file to understand.
  • deform.skin_mesh_from_mesh now auto removes unused influences
  • mirror curve mirrors all curves in the scene that are named _L and have a corresponding _R
  • documentation looks a bit nicer and more up to date.

  • run script individually now respect auto focus setting in the settings.
  • fixed orient joint aim to put up and aim at the beginning of the children.
  • attr.unlock_attributes now sets k = True properly.
  • deform.matching_geo_blendshape now allows curves
  • geo.is_a_curve improved
  • version files fixed again. Tested and should be able to deal with deleting arbitrary version.
  • Cleaned up data names so they look a bit nicer.
  • more feedback when saving data
  • util_file.create_dir now can create a directory by just giving the full path to the desired directory

  • changed pose data name to corrective. Everything should still work the same as before. This is just cosmetic.
  • changed animation data name to keyframes. Everything should still work the same as before. This is just cosmetic.
  • re-arranged some tabs.
  • ui cleanup