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  • Added a warning dialogue when scene does not save properly.
  • Fixed an issue with TransferWeights where it would not complete if all source joints were not weighted.
  • fixed overlapping dialogues. All dialogues should now open above any existing windows.
  • fixed negative scale on right side facial controls. 
  • new Batch Process, submits a process to run in batch. It will automically save as the latest build at the end.
  • fx module has the beginnings of some caching scripts
  • create_xform_group use_duplicate fixed. Before it would include children in the duplication.
  • Added driver group to scapula control.
  • Maya 2017 now uses invertShape C++ plugin instead of Chad Vernon python plugin. This makes importing pose data faster.
  • Snap curve to surface and project curve on surface.
  • Breakpoint in the code ui now possible by right click - set breakpoint
  • Pose import will now stop when pressing esc after files load. 
  • Delta mush weights now export/import using deformer weights data. 
  • !!! Please stop using the vtool.maya_lib.util module. It will be completely removed in a future release.

Picker UI was going to be in this release but I need a bit more time to get it working with namespaces and to test it out a bit more.