• Maya 2017 support
  • Version is now displayed in the window title.
  • Auto completion no longer begins to edit selected things in the Outliner when pressing enter on completion.
  • added pill control shape
  • Shape Combo no longer errors on inbetweens named like: target05
  • TransferWeights slightly faster
  • Correctives now have a combo option. 
    You need to set your character to the pose where two or more poses are at 1. 
    Create a combo pose.
    Then load those poses in the ui and sculpt your shape.
  • Corrective tool now has the following options on poses:
    Update Pose (Controls with Current Deformation)   -   Good for updating the deformation after tweaking the pose.
    Update Pose (Controls with Stored Deformation)    -    Good for mirroring to the right side, and fixing the right side pose.
    Update Pose (Controls Only)    -    Good if you need to change the position of the controls, and work on the deformation after.
  • geo.follicle_to_surface now has the option to constrain or not. If not tranform gets parented under follicle.
  • rigs.ScapualRig now has a fk rotate control option.
  • Various ik rigs have mirroring ability including tweakers, ik arms/legs, scapula.
  • space.create_follow now has the option to use a duplicate as the xform group.
  • rigs.SparseRig now has a compensate option so controls cancel themselves out when translating. This is good when riveting the control to a blendshape.
  • space.constrain_local now has the option to use a duplicate as the xform group.
  • MultiJointShape improvements.
  • minor issues fixed for Maya 2014
  • space scale fix for right side eye lid rig.
  • core.create_display_layer now has the option to set its initial state.
  • attr.create_blend_attribute now has the option to set an initial value.