Vetala Beta 0.1.12 Released

Updates to Vetala are available on the beta forum. 

  • Many improvements to options ui.
  • Added option in the settings tab to remove auto start new scene when hitting Process. This may need to get turned on to get old behavior!
  • Added curve cube_point
  • Syntax highlighting improved.
  • Auto complete will now list functions of a class.
  • Auto complete will now list process functions and maya.cmds functions.
  • Copy Special has been renamed Copy Merge. UI has been broken out into a floating window with some nice new features.
  • Fixes to shapeCombo
  • Fixed plugin unload issue in Maya 2016
  • Many bug fix improvements to Corrective tool.
  • Brought back pose mirroring. If pose didn't mirror control correctly, then right-click update pose after setting the proper pose. Then mirror again.
  • Added quick sort to the vtool.util module.
  • New color export/import data.
  • Blendshape weight export/import will now export nurbs curves and nurbs surfaces as well as blendshape base weights.
  • Fixed some issues with the code tabs and floating windows.