VETALA BETA 0.1.09 Released

This update is available in the store and on the forum (for those who have purchased Vetala). 

Improvements in this release:

  • Added new blend_weights data. This will export blendshape weights on all targets for every mesh in the target. For targets that have multiple meshes.
  • Shape Combo channels are now open to overdrive.
  • Added new template tab. This makes it easier/more organized to pass around rigs.
  • Speed improvements to transfer_weights and import_skin_cluster data.
  • Pressing esc key during Vetala run will now stop sooner.
  • Cleaned up script editor feedback when Vetala runs.
  • Added set_sub_visibility on some classes.
  • Fixed some code tab bugs
  • Added control shape "back arc" for should clavicle controls
  • Added control shape "circle_corner" for head control.
  • Fixed curve import/export when the control had geo has a shape.
  • Fixed curve import/export when a control has hidden intermediate objects.
  • Tried to remove file access as much as possible to speed up Vetala on slow networks.
  • Added new rigs.SpineRig
  • Added Merge functionality to copy one process onto another. This versions up any matching data or code to the latest from the source.
  • Many of the rigs now have set_control_size and set_sub_control_size working better.
  • Fixed Correctives mirror.
  • Added Revert Vertex in Correctives to revert selected vertices to remove corrective tweaks.
  • Fixes to Correctives
  • Fixes to Auto Weight 2D class, being used for some facial.