This release

  • Code tab had an issue saving that is now fixed.
  • Fixed many issues with shape combo, including some combos not working together or updating. 
  • Inbetweens and combo inbetweens are working better.
  • Added preserve combo to shape combo system.
  • Fixed copy process disregarding the manifest. However if you copy special it still disregards the manifest. This will be fixed in the next release.
  • Added new feature Process Options. Access by right clicking on a process and selecting show options.
  • Lots of fixes to code tabs. They are more reliable now.
  • control cvs will export now even if there is a non unique name.
  • Improved the speed of process loading on the network. Still slow but better.
  • Fk Curve Rig will no longer move the joints on build if set_buffer(True). This should be used sparingly. If you are doing many feathers use FkRig if you can.
  • AutoWeight2D will now push the first joint out if it overlaps. This fixes a bug where the weighting would go all to the first joint.
  • Fixed an issue with copying animation data, where the folder would copy but not the data.
  • If a process is deleted the code tab now updates.